Dünya Executive (DSABN-8084-03)

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Publication Name: Dünya Executive
Language: English
Period: Weekly


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Product Description

With reporting and analysis of both macro and micro issues, Dunya has closely tracked Turkey’s economic agenda and kept its finger on the pulse of the business and financial communities, helping to form public opinion. Now it offers its expertise to an international audience.

As its name suggests, Dunya Executive is an alternative source of quality news in English for decision makers who need information about Turkey’s economy but find Turkish-language sources insufficient.

This unique publication sheds light on events from behind the scenes and explains how today’s data and developments will shape the economy of tomorrow. Dunya Executive looks at how internal and external events - be they economic, political, strategic, geostrategic or geopolitical - will affect Turkey by examining how current trends will develop and what the alternative scenarios might be.

News, article and commentary on sectors, companies, Turkish law and the macroeconomic framework place the economy under an objective lens. Sound and accurate analysis from leading voices on the Turkish economy and politics brings a more realistic, deeper view of a complex story.